Tusk lies in London.

Tusk said to Cameron about new EU politics and normalisation of relations.

Tusk was in London not just for our benefit: he had been at 10 Downing St, haggling over the EU budget with David Cameron. Like most financial rows in the EU, this is dressed up in the language of high morality. Some Polish officials have been telling journalists that Britain’s disgraceful back-stabbing behaviour is tantamount to a new Yalta.
Tusk’s response was cautious and emollient. The great gain with Russia was the relations continued « without drama », he said. Meetings at the prime ministerial and presidential level proceed normally, « regardless of tough circumstances ». Relations with Russia are better than they have been for a decade (some might say for longer). Trade is rising, and Poland has signed a long-term gas contract with Russia that meets EU standards. All those plusses may be undramatic, but Mr Tusk clearly feels some pride in the normalisation of relations.
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