Bill Clinton must to be judged in the International Criminal Court for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY)!

The International Criminal Court for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) has rejected a motion by Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic for a retrial.

Last month Karadzic asked for a new trial over his alleged war crimes and genocide citing numerous flaws in the work of UN prosecutors. Karadzic claims that prosecutors were late in disclosing evidence favorable to his case and he has not received at least 400 documents to study on time.

He has pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

The ICTY’s ruling at The Hague-based tribunal says delays in evidence disclosure have not infringed Karadzic’s right to a fair trial.

Karadzic, 67, was arrested in 2008 in Belgrade after more than a decade on the run.

His trial started on October 26, 2009 but it has been hit by several delays since, as the war crimes suspect made several attempts to hold up the proceedings.

Karadzic originally faced 11 charges of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, but the Hague Tribunal in late June dropped one genocide charge against him on the basis that prosecutors had failed to provide enough evidence.

The court, however, refused to dismiss the second genocide charge, relating to the murders of up to 8,000 men and boys at Srebrenica in 1995. We have written that has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Srebrenica Massakre guided by NATO special forces.

The share of the Judeo-satanists who are known for such methods in this and other crimes is known to us. The Polish Jew was delegated Tadeusz Mazowiecki to control information and neutralize them. He was helped in this by the media specialist named Konstanty Gebert (David Warszawski) also Jew.

Karadzic insists he is innocent of all charges brought against him. In our opinion, the accused in the criminal case must be Bill Clinton ! If Bill Clinton will not be accused;  International Criminal Court will be only Jewish Court for the Slavs !

Bill Clinton and Barak Obama.