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The drone and bio-technologies.

Sightings of insect-sized micro drones have been occurring for years, but combined with the direction of genome sequencing outlined in this Atlantic piece — the pair make for a futuristic and potentially deadly mix.… Lire la suite

Israel’s Secret Illegal Nuclear Weapons.


Fukushima in New Jersey.

Nuclear plants operate on diesel generators ! The US oldest nuclear power plant, already out of service for scheduled refueling, was put on alert late Monday after waters from Superstorm Sandy rose 6 feet… Lire la suite

The nuclear war in the United States started !

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission said that at “Alert” has been declared at the Oyster Creek nuclear power plant in Forked River, New Jersey, an event related to Hurricane Sandy. The NRC said that… Lire la suite

The risk of nuclear accident in the U.S. is actually much greater than it was in Japan before Fukushima.

More than a Dozen Nuclear Plants Near Hurricane Sandy. North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut Bloomberg reports: “Because of the size of [Hurricane Sandy], we could see an… Lire la suite

Israel bombards Sudan !

Who will stop the Judeo-satanists ? A long-range Israeli planes bombing Sudan last week.Eight Israeli F-15I planes — four carrying two one-ton bombs, escorted by four fighters — struck the giant Yarmouk factory on… Lire la suite

Irish people protest against the politics the European Union, U.S. and Israel.

The Irish Anti War Movement (IAWM) has held a rally outside the country’s parliament to protest the US and Israel warmongering against Iran. The group said the demonstration at Dail Eireann was held… Lire la suite

Turkey 70 B61 nuclear bombs will only serve the interests of the Israeli regime.

A report says the United States keeps about 70 B61 nuclear bombs at a military base in southern Turkey. According to a recent report published by the Arabic Nakhel news agency, Turkish sources… Lire la suite

Umowa z Izraelem o ludobójstwie Polaków – część III.

Umowa między Rządem Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej oraz Rządem Państwa Izrael reprezentowanym przez Ministerstwo Obrony w sprawie wzajemnej ochrony informacji niejawnych związanych że współpracą obronną i wojskową. A więc jest to już umowa a nie… Lire la suite

Nicholas Mockford was opposed to war with Iran.

British executive for ExxonMobil, the world’s largest oil company, Nicholas Mockford has been shot dead in front of his wife outside a restaurant in Brussels, Belgium. Nicholas Mockford was opposed to war with… Lire la suite