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Kosher sex in UK by Rabbi Ephraim Padwa.

A senior British rabbi has been filmed telling an alleged victim of child sexual abuse not to go to the police. Rabbi Ephraim Padwa, who is leader of the UK’s Strictly Orthodox Jewish… Lire la suite

US troops are stationed in Okinawa committed more than 5,700 crimes !

Shozaburo Jimi, the former minister of financial services and postal reform, said on Wednesday that people in the Japanese island might seek secession from Japan due to the anti-US sentiment. “Okinawa has long… Lire la suite


OŚWIADCZENIE   W związku tymczasowym zawieszeniem funkcjonowania portalu oraz wydarzeniami w dniu 29.01.2013 informujemy:   1. W dniach 28-29.01.2013r Bartłomiej Tomasz Parol (Łażący Łazarz), Paweł Pietkun i Mariola Walędzik (Carcinka) – dawna… Lire la suite

Israeli divorce with the United Nations !

Jews they plan mass emigration to Europe, especially to Poland. Israel jacked Americans and Russians, and they can easily to buy the Europeans Israel has decided to suspend its relations with the United… Lire la suite

France kaput.

France’s Socialist government was involved in a vast damage limitation exercise today after a senior minister admitted that the country was ‘totally bankrupt.’ Colleagues of Michel Sapin, secretary of state for employment, insisted… Lire la suite

United Nations to Investigate US Drone Killings of Civilians.

UN launching an investigation unit within the special procedures of the [UN] Human Rights Council in Geneva. The United Nations unit will also look at ‘other forms of targeted killing conducted in counter-terrorism… Lire la suite

Attawapiskat First Nations Chief Theresa Spence has ended her six-week-long hunger strike.

Attawapiskat First Nations Chief Theresa Spence had lived off fish broth and resided in a tent on Victoria Island in Ottawa since December 11 until Thursday, according to her spokesman Danny Metatawabin. A… Lire la suite

11 civilians, including women and children, were killed in Mali as a result of French airstrikes.

While France’s Ministry of Defense has told that there have been no civilian casualties thanks to the precision of their airstrikes, human rights groups and journalists say they have not been permitted access… Lire la suite

Pismo obrazkowe dla adminów Nowego Ekranu.

Pisanie niepochlebnie o żydach to rasizm natomiast o Polakach to norma. Takie definicje padły w komentarzach na moim blogu i jest to wyrafinowana forma manipulowania informacjami. Dlatego uważam, że w tym przypadku muszę… Lire la suite

Cenzura czy prowokacja na Nowym Ekranie ?

Deklarujący się jako portal bez cenzury Nowy Ekran od dwóch dni usuwa moje wpisy. Oto jeden z nich:,lista-ofiar-seryjnego-mordercy-obamy Lista ofiar seryjnego mordercy Obamy. – Gawronski Rafzen – Barak Obama zamordował… Lire la suite