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Judeo-satanist inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre !

The Israeli Army in the inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre on Easter, surrounding “The Stone of Anointing-13th Station of the Cross. This is how the Christians celebrating Easter , and how… Lire la suite

Anonymous hacked Israel’s Mossad.

Last week, the hacker organization “Anonymous,” symbolized by the famous “Guy Fawkes” mask, hacked Israel’s Mossad. The hack, initially exposing a hidden network of 30,000 covert operatives, some openly labeled “hitman,” came only… Lire la suite

Virtuti Militari na bruk !

Dewianci okupujący Polskę od 1939 roku wyrzucają Sztandar 25 Pułku Ułanów Wielkopolskich odznaczony Orderem Virtuti Militari – łac. Męstwu wojskowemu, cnocie i dzielności żołnierskiej. Jest to najwyższe Polskie odznaczenie wojskowe, nadawane za wybitne… Lire la suite

Judeo-satanist they want to rob the gas of Cypriots.

  « Cyprus » and « luck » haven’t exactly been synonyms lately, but at the end of 2011, American firm Noble Energy (NBL) made a find that was very lucky indeed: A giant natural gas field… Lire la suite

Police in France, like homosexuals.

Riot police in Paris have fired tear gas and used batons to disperse activists protesting against French legislation allowing same-sex marriage in the European country. On Sunday night, police attacked thousands of protesters,… Lire la suite

Archbishop Chrysostomos II “The euro cannot last,”

The head of the powerful Orthodox Church in Cyprus says he prefers the debt-stricken nation to leave the euro as Nicosia is striving to avoid bankruptcy. “The euro cannot last,” said Archbishop Chrysostomos… Lire la suite

Obama is a crook from Guantanamo.

The United States Southern Command has requested $49 million to build a new prison building at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for “special” detainees on top of other renovations it says are necessary since Congress… Lire la suite

Christine Lagarde another robber of Cypriots !

After the crook Wolfgang Schaeuble Germany’s finance minister, this time another robber o Cypriots is revealed Christine Lagarde ! The French police have searched the home of the managing director of the International Monetary Fund… Lire la suite

Cyprus; thieves have been unmasked !

Next new criminal in Angela Merkel’s government. Wolfgang Schaeuble Germany’s finance minister uses terror against the honest people of Cyprus ! This man are not enough black boxes of stolen money in the days when he… Lire la suite

Episkopat sprzedaje Polskę z Polakami bez ich wiedzy i zgody.

Izrael kupuje Polskę i biskupi w Polsce też chcą trochę zarobić np.: na darmową dystrybucję szczawiu jako dar Unii Europejskiej, dlatego Episkopat zawarł przymierze w tej sprawie z judeo-satanistami. Ale abp Gądecki idzie… Lire la suite