NATO; Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is winning the war !

A NATO data published by World Tribune on Sunday shows that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is winning the war against the foreign –backed opposition, as it stresses that 70 percent of the Syrians support their leader.President Bashar Assad

The study, complied Western-sponsored activists and organizations, showed that a majority of Syrians were alarmed by the Al-Qaeda takeover of the opposition and preferred to return to Assad.

“The people are sick of the war and hate the jihadists more than Assad,” a Western source familiar with the data said.

“Assad is winning the war mostly because the people are cooperating with him against the rebels.”

The American newspaper said that a report to NATO said that Syrians have undergone a change of heart over the last six months.

“The change was seen most in the majority Sunni community, which was long thought to have supported the revolt,” World Tribune said.

It quoted the western source as saying:  “The Sunnis have no love for Assad, but the great majority of the community is withdrawing from the revolt.”

“What is left is the foreign fighters who are sponsored by Qatar and Saudi Arabia. They are seen by the Sunnis as far worse than Assad.”