For instructions of war they fly to Israel.

The Chief of Staff of the US Air Force, Gen. Mark A. Welsh has ended his week-long trip to Israel which the White House requested to remain confidential. Another well known mystery; judeo-satanists call their employees for training of murdering goyim  !

Few details have come out of Welsh’s meetings. The news about his secretive trip was, however, broken by Walla, an Israeli news agency.

The visit comes ahead of a planned trip to Israel by the Chairman of the Joints Chief of Staff, Martin Dempsey on Monday.

Reports say the main focus of Dempsey’s meetings with Israeli officials will be on Iran, Syria and Egypt.

Over the past months, Israel has conducted several aerial attacks on Syria. The judeo-satanists regime in Tel Aviv has also threatened time and again to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities claiming that the country is seeking to make an atomic bomb, an allegation Iran has strongly rejected.

Lyndon LaRouche, an American political activist, recently warned that the continuation of Israel’s attacks on Syria would drag the US into a broader war which will end in a thermonuclear conflict with Russia.

From the beginning of the crisis in Syria, Russia has opposed any foreign military intervention in the conflict and has blocked any Western efforts at the US to adopt harsh measures against the Syrian government.

Reuters reported on Wednesday that Saudi Arabia has offered to buy billions of dollars in arms from Russia to persuade the military giant to stop backing the Syrian government. Moscow has reportedly rebuffed the offer.