MI6 agent takes hunger strike.

A former British intelligence officer says he will refuse food for a week to highlight the plight of Guantanamo hunger strikers and the shameful involvement of British spy agencies in keeping detainees there.

Former MI6 officer Harry Ferguson said the agency now “simply fuel[s] the next generation of terrorists” adding he will begin his hunger strike on Monday in solidarity with Shaker Aamer, the last British resident imprisoned in the US detention facility in Guantanamo Bay.

Aamer has been reportedly on a hunger strike for some 170 days probably only interrupted by force-feeding methods of the prison guards.

« [The] organization of which I was once proud to be a member now supports policies including assassination, rendition, torture and detention without trial, » Ferguson said.

« In fact [the legal charity] Reprieve has recently uncovered evidence that MI6 is directly briefing against his return to this country because once he arrives here he will reveal that MI6 officers were present while he was being tortured,” he added.

The ex-MI6 operative said he feels especially guilty over his role as a recruitment officer for the agency stressing he would advise “aspiring” recruits in the security service to “stay away” from it if they value “the human rights”.

Aamer was detained 11 years ago and kept in Gitmo without charge of trial ever since.

he has been cleared for release twice in 2007 and 2009 but remains in custody amid growing unease about revelations that MI6 is responsible for his continued detention.

The spy agency has been allegedly calling on US officials to keep Shaker Aamer either indefinitely detained in Gitmo or forcibly render him to Saudi Arabia, from which he fled 30 years ago.