Judeo-satanists lobby in the US terrorizes American politicians !

Israeli lobbyists in the US Congress commit a form of “political terrorism” by keeping a record of all American legislators and planning to oppose those of them who do not vote for pro-Israeli resolutions in the next elections, wrote Jim W. Dean in an article on Wednesday.Menorah White House

The Israeli lobby in the US terrorizes American politicians as well as academia with overt and covert tactics in an attempt to co-opt them into supporting Israeli causes, says analyst.

“Americans watch our Congress humiliate the country when the Zionist lobby tests their (the Congress members’) loyalty through several pro-Israeli resolutions every year,” he said in his article. The Israeli lobbyists “use the votes to count noses for who remains on the funding list and who will be targeted for opposition in the next election. This is a form of political terrorism that has gone on here for years,” Dean wrote.

“I have seen Congressmen literally turn white when asked a scary question about the (Israeli) lobby,” he added.

Dean also pointed to the infiltration of top US academic institutions by Israeli agents and said it is done less publicly than the Israeli intimidation of US politicians, the latter being done like “a Roman circus event so all can view Israeli intimidation in action.”

“But academia infiltration and co-option at the top was an area where the Zionist lobby always wanted to stay below the radar to lessen the chances of any grassroots blowback from the grassroots majority,” he wrote.

“Once you control the top university people, that gives you the tools needed to publicly lynch vocal and visible critics of Israel by having their tenure denied and even being fired,” Dean said, adding, “This has literally been their campus terror campaign… to keep your mouth shut or else.”

The analyst referred to a December 2013 decision by the US academic group the American Studies Association (ASA) to join the boycott of Israeli academic institutions and said, “The Israeli lobby bigwigs decided it was time to take risks to diminish the ASA move by stacking up a big list of university heads to oppose it.”

“The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations (CoP), commonly Presidents’ Conference, has been chosen by the Israeli lobby to lead the counterattack against the ASA historic resolution.”

The move, however, has laid bare the identities of Israel’s “academic shill” in the US, Dean said.

“For this bragging by the Council of Presidents about their current list of top academic supporters to help protect Israel’s continuing crimes against humanity, we can’t thank them enough,” he added.

“We already had lists for Congress, the judiciary, and even law enforcement and the Pentagon, but not a good one for academia,” Dean concluded.