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Juifs et Mon Droit – declares the House of Lords !

A group of 50 British parliamentarians have urged Poland to ensure compensation for Holocaust victims and their families, and others who lost property to the Nazis or the Communist regime.  The Treaty of… Lire la suite

Jewish Manifest for European Union

With elections to the European parliament due in May, British Jews have published a manifesto listing « Jewish aspirations » on, among other things, the EU’s relationship with Israel and religious freedom. Jewish EU Manifesto… Lire la suite

Russia Ready For War !

The back and forth struggle for territorial hegemony may soon be coming to a head on the Eastern Front. The west has ousted Kremlin-backed President Yanukovych and replaced him with a former central banker… Lire la suite

Political ambiguities in Ukraine.

Political ambiguities and military rhetoric in Ukraine and Russia have caused the euro to tumble to a two-week low. The EU countries need to focus on economic unity not expansion and they certainly… Lire la suite

Terytorium Polski zgodne z Traktatami Wersalskim i Poczdamskim.

Przypominamy o terytorium Polski o którym zapomnieli zdrajcy w Polsce ! Media oraz politycy nigdy nie podali informacji, iż sprawa tzw. Ukrainy to wydarzenia we wschodniej Małopolsce ! Do takiej Polski mamy prawo… Lire la suite

Israel supports the terrorists in Syria.

The new commander of the anti-Damascus militancy group, the Free Syrian Army (FSA), Abdul-Ilah al-Bashir has been trained in Israel, media reports said. Al-Bashir had gone to Israel for treatment last year after… Lire la suite

Victoria Nuland US spent $ 5 000 000 000 on the destruction of Ukraine.

After three visits to Ukraine in five weeks, Victoria Nuland explains that in the past two decades, the United States has spent five Billion dollars ($5,000,000,000) to subvert Ukraine, and assures her listeners… Lire la suite

European Union; Bankrupcy the best way for Ukraine’s sovereignty !

Why is there so much pressure for Ukraine to commit to agreements before the people have a chance to speak, formulate a plan, and get Ukraine back on its feet? Because That doesn’t… Lire la suite

Study: Monsanto’s Roundup causes « gluten intolerance »

Netanyahu calls the whole world anti-Semites.

  Philosophical investigations   The Israeli Likuds are showing signs of stress. The world public is finally waking up to heed Einstein’s words and do something about evil Israel.   The various AIPAC… Lire la suite