Humane depopulation via nuclear radiation.

Obama’s Director for Counter-Terrorism, Audrey Tomason called for humane depopulation via nuclear radiation

The “Apocalypse Equation” refers to report authored by one of the most secretive women in US intelligence circles named Audrey Tomason  who is Obama’s Director for Counterterrorism and while attending Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government wrote a master thesis [now classified by the US as “top-secret”] suggesting that it would be more humane for our world to undergo a “planned and controlled genocide” rather than to see it descend into the abyss of chaos it is now entering.


According to Ms Tomason’s “Apocalypse Equation” the “sustainable population” of our world can only be 1.5 billion human beings, as compared to the United Nations estimate of 7 billion we will reach on October 31st of this year, and the even worse figure of 10 billion estimated by 2100.

Ms Tomason argues in her thesis that our world’s population has been “artificially inflated” for the past nearly 100 years by a “non-sustainable” petrochemical and fossil fuel based global economy that if left “unchecked” could very well destroy all life on Earth, not just human beings.

Independent reports, unfortunately, strongly back Ms Tomason’s dire warnings with one of the most disturbing graphics [2nd photo left] produced by the PostPeakLiving.Com research group showing that, indeed, our world’s population has grown more since the use of petrochemicals than in all of its previous history.

Important to note about petroleum [otherwise known as crude oil] is that is a naturally occurring, flammable liquid consisting of a complex mixture of hydrocarbons that underpins the entire global economy and which without life as we know it would not exist.

Most people believe that the major use petroleum is for the fueling of vehicles, boats and aircraft through its distillation into various fuels such as gasoline (petrol), diesel, jet fuel, and the like, but they couldn’t be more mistaken as the major use of oil is in agriculture as nearly all pesticides, and many fertilizers, are made from it.

And the most critical fact facing our world today, as Ms Tomason’s thesis points out, is that the “oil boom” of the last century is not only over, the fight by nation-states to preserve our Earth’s dwindling supplies for themselves threatens global war on a scale never before seen in human history, and which, in fact, have already begun as the energy starved West continues to launch new wars to protect themselves from economic collapse.

Most amazing to note about our world’s present predicament in regards to oil is that is one of the longest “slow motion train wrecks” in history as since 1956, it has been warned about.

In fact, it was in 1956 that the great Royal Dutch Shell geoscientist Marion King Hubbert (1903-1989) warned in his presentation to the American Petroleum Institute that our world was running out of oil and that the “peak” production of oil in the United States would be reached in 1970 and for the rest of the world in the first decade of the 21st century.

To visually illustrate his warning he created the now famous “Hubbert Curve” [4th photo left] that since its 1956 release has proved 100% accurate with the peak of global oil discoveries occurring in 1963 and the US, indeed, reaching the peak of its production in 1970.

At this point it is important to understand that nearly all Western governments continue to propagate their decade’s long deception to their citizens over the grave state our world is in with regards to oil and energy resources, most especially in regards to the illusion that so called “green energy” projects can sustain us.

Nothing could be further from the truth as these “green energy” [solar, wind, geothermal, etc.] sources currently make up under .05% of total global energy production, do nothing for agriculture (the main use of oil), and to build them up to supply our world’s total energy needs would cost more money than the world has, and would take nearly 200 years to complete.

Ms Tomason continues in her dire thesis that along with the energy and food “shocks” the global monetary systems will face collapse too as it has, likewise, been “artificially inflated” beyond “all sustainable measures” due to its link with oil production.

Making matters worse, Ms Tomason explains, is that since the United States reached its peak oil production in 1970, it failed to “counter-balance” its economy to reflect it, opting, instead, to keep its economy “artificially inflated” by decoupling the US Dollar from the gold standard in 1972 (called the “Nixon Shock”) and allowing their currency to become, in essence, “worthless pieces of paper.”

During the 20th century alone the US Dollar lost nearly 80% of its purchasing power [5th photo left] leaving tens-of-millions of Americans jobless as their once mighty manufacturing base was shifted to lower priced overseas markets, a situation termed “catastrophic” by Ms Tomason, because the American currency is, also, our world’s only reserve currency whose deflation has ensured the destruction of “everything.”

To understand how enormous, and dangerous, this complex economic situation has become one has to realize that the Gross National Product (GDP) of the entire world is just over $55 Trillion a year as opposed to over $2,000 Trillion in total debt outstanding leading to what is called “The Great Credit Contraction” [6th photo left] which will, literally, evaporate all the wealth in the world virtually overnight.

Most important to understand about what will surely be the greatest economic collapse in human history is that “mainstream” economists will tell you nothing about it, and they reason they won’t tell you is shocking, to say the least.

After the global economic collapse of 2008, Professor of Economics Dirk Bezemer at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands conducted a survey of nearly all the world’s economists to discover why none of the “mainstream” economists (even Nobel Prize winners) failed to see what was coming. What he discovered were exactly 11 researchers [see list of them here] who accurately predicted the 2008 economic collapse and they all had one thing in common when creating their models, they included debt.

That’s right; nearly all of the economists in the world DO NOT factor in debt when creating their economic models leaving them worthless to predict what will happen, especially those working for governments having political motivations.

Ms Tomason, however, does include debt in her thesis and further warned that by 2011 the US Dollar “could very well begin crashing,” and which a CNBC news report is, also, saying is now underway.

Upon the collapse of the US Dollar, Ms Tomason asserts in her thesis, the entire global economy will crash plunging billions of human beings, including hundreds-of-millions in Western nations, into the lowest scale of “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.” [Photo bottom left]

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is a theory in psychology, proposed by Abraham Maslow (1908-1970) in his 1943 paper A Theory of Human Motivation that, basically, states human beings will first strive for “Basic Needs” (survival) before they’ll seek “Safety Needs” (comfort), and once having those needs met will strive next for “Psychological Needs”, “Self-Actualization” and, finally, “Peak Experiences.”

Ms Tomason states in her thesis that any population suffering an economic collapse and reverting to “Basic Needs” will be “ungovernable” and pose “tremendous risks” to the state leading to “wholesale breakdown of law and order.”

Ms Tomason further argues in her “Apocalypse Equation” thesis that since the collapse of civilization as we know it is “inevitable,” world leaders should consider the possibility of “mass genocide” to reduce our world’s population to a more “sustainable level commensurate with our Earth’s resources.”

The chilling genocidal scenario envisioned by Ms Tomason begins with a “limited nuclear conflict” targeted at major population centers, but designed to limit the fallout of radiation. Next would be the release of toxic chemical and biological agents she suggests could be blamed on “terrorist entities” to be followed by forced mass migration of populations to more “sustainable living environments.”

Ms Tomason envisions these “sustainable living environments” as being large population centers with mass transit systems where no personal vehicles would be allowed and the rural areas would be completely depopulated except for government run agricultural “systems.”

Prior to the initiation of these apocalyptic events Ms Tomason argues for the establishment of government run and protected “concentration camps” where “persons of worth” can be protected while the masses of their fellow citizens die by the millions and billions. Those deemed “persons of worth” would include scientists, doctors, technical specialist, etc.

Most unfortunately for all human beings is that Ms Tomason’s “Apocalypse Equation” now appears to be the accepted paradigm of our world’s leaders who see no other option if our Earth is to survive, and leading one to hope that the “gods” will return much sooner than later if anything is to be saved at all.

The nuclear arms race developed because national « leaders » believed that a strategy existed that would permit nuclear weapons to be instruments for preserving « peace, » without being dropped on an « enemy » in anger. This strategy. « nuclear deterrence, » is the foundation of United States foreign-policy. Deterrence is based on the reasoning that if an « enemy » can be convinced that a nuclear attack will result in such devastating retaliation that the consequences of the attack will be a net loss, the attack will never occur. Also, one of the main principles of deterrence strategy is that a nation should have a large number of well protected nuclear missiles. Such an arsenal will be difficult to destroy in a « first strike » attack.

What is wrong with nuclear deterrence? It can be criticized on moral grounds. It is wrong to threaten to kill millions of people in an act of retaliation. Beyond that, in the long run it will not work. It will lead to thermonuclear war. The Apocalypse Equation (AE) shows why.

The AE shows how the probability of a nuclear missile launch is related to time. Deterrence strategy ignores time. It is based on static speculations about the psychological effects of nuclear weapons. But time is crucial to the development of probability. This is understood in the natural sciences and industry, such as physics, chemistry, biology, genetics, and the insurance industry. These fields often use equations that show probability is related to time. Such equations are called « stochastic » equations. The AE is a stochastic equation used to analyze a national policy — nuclear deterrence. Apocalypse Equation with Graph

In the equation, « p » is the probability that any given missile of the thousands that now are deployed will be launched on any one day. « T » is the period of time being considered. « n » is the number of missiles on battle-ready status (Read the exponent of the equation T times n). « AP » (for Apocalyptic tragedy) is the probability over time T that a missile will be launched.

There are two curves on the graph underneath the equation. Each curve is produced by a certain number of missiles. The more missiles, the greater the angle, or « slope » of the curve. The top curve is produced by the most missiles. It crosses the 50% line earlier than the bottom curve. If a perpendicular is dropped from the point where the top curve crosses the 50% line, it produces T1. A perpendicular dropped from the point where the bottom curve crosses the 50% line produces T2. Since 0T1 is less than 0T2, the graph shows that increasing the number of missiles in strategic arsenals shortens the time before a missile launch becomes probable. More missiles make nuclear apocalypse more likely.

The AE shows that given antagonistic nuclear missile systems, the probability of thermonuclear accidents and thermonuclear war approaches certainty. Nuclear deterrence is a « Faustian bargain, » that may generate « peace » for an indeterminate period, but only at the cost of eventual, catastrophic nuclear accidents and attacks.

Still another insight that the equation provides is how safe nuclear missile arsenals must be if we are to live with them for any significant period. This safety factor is found in « p. » p is made up of many factors, including the mechanical reliability of the missiles, and the psychological stability of the crews controlling them. If it is assumed that p is as small as one chance in one-hundred-million, and there are 4,000 strategic nuclear missiles in the arsenals of the nuclear powers, then it can be calculated by means of the equation that in 50 years the probability of the launch of at least one missile is about 52 % . Even if the daily chance of an accidental launch is astronomically small, some missile probably will be launched within a relatively short time.

Since nuclear weapons are the ultimate expression of military force, the Apocalypse Equation shows that the ultimate consequence of attempting to found « civilization » on military force is catastrophic nuclear war.

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