Pope Francis, Obama Israeli Lobbyists

« It is a great honour. I’m a great admirer, » the president said as the pope greeted him and they sat at the pontiff’s desk. « Thank you so much for receiving me. »

Obama invited the pope to visit the White House as he was giving Francis a symbolic gift of seeds of fruit and vegetables from the garden of the presidential residence.

The White House said other seeds would be donated in the United States that will yield several tons of produce to a charity of Pope Francis’ choosing.

The pope gave Obama two commemorative medals and a red leather-bound copy of Evangeli Gaudium (The Joy of the Gospels), a document Francis wrote last year which is seen as the road map for his papacy.

« You know, I will probably read this in the Oval Office when I am deeply frustrated and I am sure that it will give me strength and calm me down, » Obama said. The pope responded in English: « I hope ».

In another moment of levity during the audience, after the delegation was being shown to their seats and pictures were being taken, Obama told the pope’s translator: « His Holiness is the only person who has to put up with more protocol than me. »

A nice political gesture meeting the pope. What happened to the seperation of religion and state. Obama fight the very fundamental beliefs of the church about right to life. But he wants to play up the pope belief on helping the poor. He wants to use this to push stealing from some people to give it to others even if doing this leave the working middle class as bad off as the poor. When you take from the working class to give to the poor you end up with to poor classes.

The meeting comes two days after the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in a challenge to the Affordable Care Act, Obama’s signature accomplishment, on grounds that it violated religious freedom by requiring for-profit corporations to provide insurance coverage for contraception.