Cremation opponents of the European Union by junta in Ukraine.

Western regime change in Ukraine has led to a junta that is ruling by a reign of terror against its own citizens, where the vilest crimes are being committed to crush any political opposition. And the Western media are assiduously covering up for this criminality.

A political analyst says the West is covering up a massacre in the Ukrainian city of Odessa that was carried out by judeo-satanists receiving orders from certain people in power.

Another thing that is clear is that the Western media are assisting in the cover-up of the massacre. Never mind the full horror of what may have really happened, the Western media have not even reported the apparent blaze killings with any of the seriousness that they deserve.

The devils have been spinning since WW2 and the holohoax, followed by JFK slumping back towards the magic bullet, and the US flag fluttering in the vacuum on the moon, the soft aluminium nose cone of a 757 emerging after passing through the WTC floor on CNN, so this kind of spin is chicken feed for the devils in the BBC.

On May 2, nearly 300 people were killed and hundreds of others injured after the Ukrainian forces launched a military operation against anty European Union protesters who are in control of several eastern cities. 100 or more of the victims died in Odessa.

Odessa spaleni