Genocide in Ukraine.

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US Secretary of State jew John Kerry and Victoria Nuland at the State Department and President Barack Obama, who seems to be just funking the issue, and also the EU apparatus like British Foreign Minister William Hague, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk and oposition lider Jarosław Kaczynski , they all should be ashamed of themselves for endorsing the massacre of innocent civilians in the Slavyansk and the other towns.

Odessa spaleni

The United States and European Union are causing an international scandal by committing genocide in east Ukraine.

It’s clear that Ukraine’s acting Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and the other chaps in charge of the so-called interim government in Kiev are war criminals of the worst type. It seems that the US State Department goes along with this policy of the Kiev junta “to effectively engage in genocide” in eastern Ukraine, particularly in Donetsk and Slavyansk regions.


The Kiev interim government is determined to kill as many Ukrainians as it is possible. The US does not recognize the Russian-speaking Ukrainians as human beings but regards them as “some sort of aberration, some sort of animal who can be just wiped out”.

Ukraińska demokracja

Donetsk and Luhansk regions, which are home to about 7.3 million of the 46 million population of Ukraine, have seen deadly clashes between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russia protesters in recent weeks.

The acting government in Kiev launched a military operation in mid-April in a bid to root out the pro-Russia demonstrations after protesters occupied government buildings in over a dozen eastern and southern cities.

More than 500 people have been killed over the past week in intensified Kiev crackdown on the flashpoint city of Slavyansk as well as Odessa and Mariupol.