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Afghan President Hamid Karzai has refused to sign the BSA.

NATO IS NOT MORE THAN A TERRORIST AND OPIUM TRADER ORGANIZATION. IT MUST BE DESTROYED AND ABOLISHED !!! NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has called on Afghanistan to sign security agreements with… Lire la suite

Judeo-satanist’s Union directs an ultimatum to Russia.

The European Council on Friday said it would give Moscow three days to de-escalate the situation in Ukraine, or it will impose new sanctions against Russia, according to a statement published Friday. Poroshenko… Lire la suite


Initialement publié sur Desertpeace :
They can stay in the kitchen, learn to cook, go barefoot and get pregnant! *   ? Who said Israel was the only Democracy in the Middle East? Obviously…

Judeo-satanists want the genocide of Slavs.

There is no mystery as to why Russia is making preparations for being hit by a U.S. nuclear attack. When the U.S. toppled the freely elected, pro-Russian, President of Ukraine, in February of this year,and replaced… Lire la suite

Ukrane’s usurper Petro Poroshenko sign on Friday pact with the devil.

Newly elected Ukrane’s usurper Petro Poroshenko will reportedly sign on Friday a contentious deal that led to months-long upheaval The government of Ukraine is expected to sign on Friday a contentious economic and… Lire la suite

79 percent French people are opposed to President Francois Hollande.

France another regime of judeo-satanists after Poland in the European Union. A new survey has revealed that a great majority of the French population is pessimistic about the political future of the country.… Lire la suite

Refugees from Ukraine.

Russia cut off all gas supplies to Ukraine last week.

Ukraine has rejected Russian President Vladimir Putin’s offer of the “final price” of USD 385 per 1,000 cubic meters, saying it would pay USD 326. Kiev has refused to pay for natural gas… Lire la suite

The judeo-satanists banksters want full blown nuclear war.

The way i see it, war is imminent, the judeo-satanists banksters want full blown nuclear war at all cost. GOD SAVE US ALL. Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered military forces in central… Lire la suite

Władza morduje legalnie; do pewnego czasu !

Ten kto posiada prawo może wszystko nawet gdy prawo zabrania mordować to organ wykonawczy może zabijać. To zasadnicza doktryna ustanowionej mordami rytualnymi niewinnych Polaków demonkracji talmudycznej w Polsce i na świecie. Aby zrozumieć… Lire la suite