The United States with Israel wants to start a third world war !

The United States with Israel  wants to start a third world war because most of its big banks are insolvent.


White House Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications Ben Rhodes  said: “stronger” European sanctions “are on the table” against Russia.

That is just more aggression from the United States and from Anglo-Israeli-US bankers alliance which seems to be just trying every angle to provoke Russians to the World War III because all the big banks are insolvent.

Washington and Moscow have been at loggerheads over the crisis in Ukraine. The United States accuses Russia of supporting and arming pro-Russian forces in eastern Ukraine, a claim which is rejected by the Kremlin.

Meanwhile, the United States claims at least part of the blame for the downing of a Malaysian passenger plane in Ukraine, which left all 298 people onboard dead, lies with Russia.

These accusations are just “a pretext” for the US with Israel to save its insolvent bankers by going to war as Washington “has done this before in World War II.”

Adolf Hitler was a Jew; his DNA this confirmed !

Thousands of men of Jewish descent and hundreds of what the Nazis called ‘full Jews’ served in the German military with Adolf Hitler’s knowledge and approval.

Get ready for more false flags, blaming Russia or maybe Iran, like the Malaysian airliner downed by the Kiev junta !