Unsung Christian Martyr of the Nazi Regime?

Hitler was a jew !

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Ben Macintyre  in his book Operation Mincemeat documents the covert operation by British intelligence to deceive the Germans, convincing them that the allies would not invade Sicily but instead would do a twofold invasion of Greece and Sardinia.  One of the ironic elements of the operation is that Ian Fleming, who became famous for writing James Bond spy novels, was part of British intelligence and he learned the ruse used to trick the Nazis from a novel he himself had read.

The book is interesting, reads like a novel at points, but also for my interests had way too much detail about each of the characters involved in the plot.  However, that detail brought to light the story of one German intelligence officer who ultimately may have been intentionally working to undermine the German war machine.   Macintyre writes:

“BARON ALEXIS VON ROENNE appeared, on the outside, to be the consummate…

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