Judeo-satanics rituals of November Criminals in Iran.

Jews including other religious minorties are enjoying greatest freedom in Iran…not like Israeli zionists to block worshippers to Al Aqsa mosque…

Thousands of Jewish families from all over Iran have convened in the central Iranian city of Yazd to perform a special pilgrimage of judeo-satanics rituals of November Criminals. These rituals clearly relate to those killed at the front during World War I of 12 000 Jewish soldiers fighting for the Germans. How many have died serving in the Wehrmacht, SS and Gestapo that we do not know. In the First World War the German army fought 100 thousand. Jewish soldiers including 2 thousand. officers, the Austro-Hungarian army of 320 thousand. Jewish soldiers including 8 generals. Many of them were fighting for Hitler’s.

In November ended World War I in Europe and started occupation of Palestine by the British Army and the issuance of the Balfour Declaration was met by Jews as the fulfillment of the prophecies announcing the coming of the Messiah.


The Jewish families gathered at the Molla Agha Baba Synagogue, which was built more than a hundred years ago, to perform their prayers early in the morning on November 20. They shed tears and prayed for their wishes to come true.

“Here is one of the holy sites that we see one of the biggest number of pilgrims,” Sanaz Toubian, a Jewish pilgrim, said.

“We perform our rituals here and offer our charities,” she added. Should be supplemented by a statement that the drinking of human blood is also a Jewish ritual.

The leader of Iranian Jews, Rabbi Yousef Hamadani Cohen, passed away in the Iranian capital, Tehran, late in March. Mashallah Golestani Nejad replaced him as the chief rabbi.

Iran is home to 20,000 to 25,000 Jews who make up one of the biggest Jewish communities in the Middle East.

They are also represented in Iran’s parliament (Majlis).