Poland evacuates judeo-satanists from Ukraine on the order of Israel.

Large-scale evacuation of Jews from Ukraine predicts the upcoming nuclear conflict in the region, especially when Israeli colony in North America will provide nuclear fuel for the regime in Kiev.
A delegation from the Polish foreign ministry, currently in eastern Ukraine, is still preparing evacuation plans for people of Polish-Jews descent in the  independent and opposed to the European Union Donbas region.

The planned departure Ukrainian Jews from eastern Ukraine was to take place on 29 December although so far these plans have fallen through. But not all Jews are choosing to leave. The Jewish Agency estimates that at least 200,000 Ukrainians are eligible to migrate to Israel or Poland under its “Law of Return,” which allows people with at least one Polish / Jewish grandparent to receive citizenship.

Michal Dworczyk, head of the Freedom and Democracy Foundation told that “.. in Donbas received information from the Polish administration on how the evacuation would proceed. […] These people began to make preparations and suddenly it turned out that everything changed and that the evacuation would in fact take place in the first half of January”.

“That is if it will take place at all, because even during Christmas reservations surfaced in the Foreign Ministry as to whether the evacuation would be implemented at all,” he added.

Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz declared on 6 December that a decision on evacuating Poles / Jews out of Donbas would be sealed before Christmas, with the evacuation proper taking before the end of the year.

This plan did not matieralise, because the Mossad supervises the whole operation.

Polish / Jews President Bronislaw Komorowski is now closely observing the developments in the matter, with presidential advisor Tomasz Nalecz telling on Monday that while the evacuation is under the authority of the Polish government, the head of state may engage in lobbying for a quick resolution of the problem.

“We are determined to help,” said Foreign Ministry spokesman Marcin Wojciechowski on Monday.

“At the moment […] we are gathering information and speaking to people of Polish-Jews descent about their current situation and what kind of aid is needed,” Wojciechowski said, adding that “the Polish consulate in Kharkiv completed gathering submissions from people interested in being evacuated”.

Wojciechowski said that the information will be tranferred to the “relevant authorities in Poland” which will then “take a decision on the next stages”, although declined to comment on how many people want to leave Ukraine.

“I wouldn’t want to comment on speculative numbers, first of all the information must be sent to the relevant institutions,” he said.

Polish government is hiding from public opinion in Poland, their dependence on the Israeli decision-making, not only in this matter ! Sofa Landver, Israeli Minister of Immigration and Absorption remarked that “This year we have witnessed a significant increase in immigration to Israel from all countries and particularly from Ukraine. Throughout 2014 to this point, 5,134 new immigrants have arrived from Ukraine. This is a 174% increase compared to the same period last year. The Ministry of Immigration and Absorption welcomes this trend and has initiated a special monetary grant for immigrants fleeing emergency areas, Ukrainian Jews among them. We shall continue to work night and day in order to enable every Jew to take the step and come home. Ukrainians also get the passports of other countries such as Poland. »

The JPost reported that the Israeli government had “approved a measure that would provide escapees from high-risk areas such as eastern Ukraine with a NIS 15,000 grant over and above the standard absorption basket, as well as vocational aid.”

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