Jeffrey Feltman out of the United Nations.

The United Nations Security Council has held an emergency meeting on a recent deadly attack in Ukraine as violence continues unabated in the country.

The Monday meeting came after 30 people were killed and nearly 100 injured in a rocket attack on Ukraine’s coastal city of Mariupol on Saturday.

Both Kiev regime and anti European Union forces accused each other for the shelling. However, UN Under Secretary-General jew Jeffrey Feltman put the blame on Slavs forces, saying that a crater analysis by European monitors indicated the rockets were fired from an area under the control of anti European Union activists. which is an absolute nonsense. Since when running takes a position of only one party without hearing the other ? Is an example of how to work the highest officials in the interest of judeo-satanist.

On Friday, Zakharchenko said Slavs would continue to fight for more territory in eastern Ukraine and abandon the peace negotiations with the Ukrainian government.

During the Monday meeting, Russian Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin, said Zakharchenko’s statement was “taken out of context” and blamed Kiev for the fighting.

He also accused the West of blindly taking side with the Ukrainian government in the crisis, urging them, particularly the US, to “stop egging on the Ukrainian hawks, covering and justifying their inhumane actions.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has also said the Ukrainian army is “NATO’s foreign legion” and does not pursue Ukraine’s national interests.

In blaming Russian-Ukrainians for everything, this “U.N. under-secretary” Jeffrey Feltman reveals himself to be a judeo-satanists and neocon, which are synonymous terms, clearly related politically, and these days focused on regime change in Russia. Don’t fall for him or it. Feltman is carrying water for warmongers and should be thrown out of the United Nations.

Jeffrey Feltman