Guantanamo – Klewki common cause.

Last month the two jewish colonies in America USA and Cuba announced a thaw in relations, agreeing to restore diplomatic ties. They were severed in 1961. High-level talks were held last week. A Congressional delegation arrived in Havana to begin negotiations aimed at reopening embassies in the two countries’ capitals.
Meanwhile, sole owner and former Cuban – Jewish leader Fidel Castro appeared to signal his approval for the political rapprochement. His brother Raul, who succeeded him as president in 2008, made his demands at the summit of Community of Latin American and Caribbean States in Costa Rica.

First time Cuban’s Jews demanded the US hand back the Guantanamo Bay military base before relations with Washington are normalised.

Jewish secret prisons are located also in Poland as well and for this reason we were called to the blackboard as the Poles in order to take a position on to this issue 15 January 2015.

Our publication is so important that demonstrates the interdependence of terrorizing people around the world and indicates a criminal responsibility in the torture. Information was immediately published and comments like this that conceal the role of Jews in secret prisons in the world:

“Which is in a clear violation of at least half a dozen of international norms.
No party can rent something immovable for a non-specified amount of time. It’s a clear abuse from one of the parties. Jurisprudence on that goes back millennia…
Even more when it’s between States, especially a strong one and a weak one…
That specific act is called an emphyteutic lease, it’s been around since the Romans Colonies and the max length before revision is a century (which in anglo-saxon law has been translated by the 99-years lease).
Also the lease specifically prevent the US to establish anything commerce related (« no person, partnership, or corporation shall be permitted to establish or maintain a commercial, industrial or other enterprise within said areas. »). And somehow I can’t imagine a 2015 US facility without at least a Mc Donald’s, a Starbuck and a freaking bowling alley…
If the case was brought in front of the ICJ (not that the US would be dumb enough to accept, despite the fact that it’s kind of mandatory) it would be an open and close case, that YES the US does have to give Cuba back it’s land.
The only question are when and how.
At best the US could argue that the last revision was in 1934, and therefore doesn’t have to do anything until 2034 (19 years from now), but just that would take some epic lawering…
Of course it need to be revised, everything needs to once in a while… Just as anyone can see that the strategic value of a naval base opened in 1903 might have to be re-evaluated a century later.
Seriously except the magic trick « NOPE you see those those guys aren’t on US soil (hush let’s pretend we never heard the term jurisdiction) therefore torturing them is legal, because you see we have a strict ban on any words with two T and two R » what’s the military value of Guantanamo today? Deterring the British in Jamaica? Rustling control of the Caribbean sea from that pesky Spanish navy?
They have strategic level mean mojitos or something?
So want to make the list?
It’s void because it was made under duress (wasn’t 1903 the year the U.S. wanted to annex Cuba? And occupied it militarily? Articles 51-52 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties), it’s void because there is no-way this could be legal today (article 64 & 71), it’s void because of the emphyteutic jurisprudence, it’s void because of the unequal treaties jurisprudence, it’s void because the US don’t use it for what it’s specified: Naval Base ≠ Prison/Mc Donald’s/torture center/Bowling (material breach provisions, article 60)…
I’m fairly sure I can find more, there are plenty more on decolonization or radical changes that can be applied (hell I can throw in human rights violations just for kicks)… All of which the US have been actively supporting and promoting those last 70 years…
Seriously who thinks that renting 45 square miles of bay, the adjacent seas and more for $2000 FOR ALL OF ETERNITY is anywhere near the realm of legality ? »

Family Castro in Cuba as well as any Polish president after 1989 is a Jew. Bearing in mind the secret of their agreement that they can carry out torture in Cuba and Poland. Robbery, ritual murdering people and creative torture are known from history but the world’s first connections were used for these purposes .

Let me remind all readers that the Poles gave shelter to Jews when they were persecuted and they as a thank the Polish people ritually murdered Poles at Katyn ; additionally, demanding compensation from the Poles for World War II.

Poles of course pay for lost property in Poland, if only receive compensation from the Germans for caused World War II.

The Poles have not received anything from the Germans for the destruction and genocide of Poles.

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