Obama with Merkel unveiled the helmet’s death.


At a joint press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the White House on Monday, Obama said he was considering whether to send lethal arms to Ukraine to help Kiev battle the pro-Russian forces in the country’s restive eastern regions. This is the clear doctrine of reverse symbolism.

In order to bring peace it is essential to send weapons !!! A wonderful doctrine of the JudeoSatanists. What a civilization geniuses like Abraham himself. The Nobel Prize went to the right pocket because the benefits from dynamite go to the genocide of Slavs.

US President Barack Obama has warned also that the West would not allow Russia to redraw Europe’s borders « at the barrel of a gun. » What a hypocrisy; Polish eastern border was fixed in such a way in 1945, and a dog with a lame leg does not mention that.

Times have changed and the Poles who knew the truth of their mass murder on racial grounds will not take the fight with their Slavic brothers. Poles were murdered by the Jews from 1934 until the present. NKVD Order No. 00485, called « On the liquidation of the Polish diversionist and espionage groups and POW units, » was approved on August 9, 1937 by the Party’s Central Committee Politburo, and was signed by Nikolai Yezhov on August 11, 1937. 111 091 Poles accused of ties with Poland, were sentenced to death, and 28,744 were sentenced to labor camps known as the « dry guillotine » of slow death by exposure, malnutrition, and overwork; 139,835 victims in total.