Judeo-Satanists Enflames America’s War With Russia.

On February 10th the Deputy Head of the Poroshenko Administration, Valery Chaly released these statements.

“Every decision concerning outcome of the upcoming meeting (Minsk) has been made already. Kiev unilaterally rejects all proposals for federalization, the expansion of the DNR and LNR to their administrative borders, and granting rights of broad autonomy.

The only thing that Kiev is ready to agree to is abolish duties between Russia and Donbass at their borders and indulge Donbass in the use of the Russian language.”

By taking any and all negotiations off the table, Poroshenko’s government has effectively rendered the Minsk talks and agreement worthless.

What, in the name of heaven, has Obama, Rice, and Nuland promised Ukrainian leadership, that those representing Ukraine would make such claims, or take such positions against Russia?!?

Those promises have to be pretty ginormous.

And I think the American people, who did NOT OK this rush to this potential war with Russia, have the absolute and complete right to know just what these promises are.

I can only speculate, but here is what I would suggest right now, looking at both the facts and postures of Ukraine’s governmental representatives.

1. Sophisticated, heavy lethal weapons, no matter how much the rest of Europe’s leadership many be against this, and the « advisers » to train the Ukraine’s military in how to use them.

But that will take time. And most of Ukraine’s conscripts are not happy about having to shoot, bomb, maim, and kill their brother and sister Ukrainians. Nor are they fully trained to use modern American high tech weapons.

This means that foreign mercs have already begun the process, to be followed by Ukrainian military as they become proficient.

2. A complete crushing of the heavily-industrialized breakaway Eastern provinces by any means necessary. Ukraine needs these areas in order to ultimately become competitive, in the European Union, to which Poroshenko desperately wants accession to membership.

This is why we are seeing residential complexes bombed to smithereens, and the people inside who could not flee killed or maimed for life. I would like to politely remind both the US and the Ukraine that such an action is a war crime.

3. The complete military support of NATO against Russia in Ukraine to achieve these ends.

OF course, to believe that NATO can prevail against Russia, takes a prodigiously huge leap of faith, after having witnessed the complete flustercluck they have made of Afghanistan.

4. A potential coming war between the West, Ukraine, and NATO against Russia, and soon.

On some levels, it appears that the US government has, collectively, lost its mind, but it has not, and here is why: the US government desperately needs Russia to knuckle under, economically, to the global supremacy of the US dollar. Russia and China are making deals around the world to drop the use of the the dollar, and trade in local currencies.

The US government is desperate to see this stop, and its members see a war with Russia and China, no matter how many of your kids get killed in it, as the only way to prevent the financial degradation of the dollar even further.

I am watching the talking heads on Faux News go on, on, and on, about the death of Kayla Meuller, most likely, from a Jordanian air strike, which is, God knows, a human tragedy. This was one very, very special woman, who wanted to see the alleviation of suffering in Syria, and for that, her life, work, and death, should be celebrated.

But we are being « conditized » here, folks (remember all the « scuttle » about Gary Condit and Shandra Levy, right before 9/11?!?). There have been, so far, between 5,000, to 6,000 civilians killed in the slaughter in Eastern Ukraine, and German intelligence estimates that around 60,000 Ukrainian military have been killed.

The US government, apparently, is egging Poroshenko on to escalation in Eastern Ukraine, to the point where, ultimately, Putin will have no other alternative but to order Russian military strikes.

And right now, the cold, hard truth is that the US military does not have the troop strength, the money, or the manufacturing to insure a positive outcome to a conventional military conflict with Russia; this is what makes the military scenario so scarily dangerous.

I utterly despise the scenario I have just created; but based on the military, political, and economic facts on the ground, this is where we are right now.