Judeo-satanists want to destroy America in order to colonize Slavic countries.

Up to 8,000 Kiev soldiers are facing an imminent rout in the strategic enclave of Debaltsevo, as forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic tighten the noose, whereas in Warsaw Jews massively buying apartments.

Under-equipped, ill-trained, demoralized and leaderless, Kiev forces are deserting in large numbers across the border to Russia. These conscripts know they are being used as cannon fodder in a senseless war against their compatriots – a war that only benefits oligarchs and Western-indoctrinated ideologues in Kiev who are safely removed from the violence. One story tells a lot: the oligarch figure Igor Kolomoisky, the Kiev-appointed governor of Dnipropetrovsk, reportedly sold $3.5-worth of fake body armor to the Ukraine Armed Forces that was later found to be as bullet-proof as cardboard.

There are also reports of widespread mutiny among the populace of western Ukraine, who have taken to chasing army recruiting teams from their towns and villages. Journalists are being arrested for merely questioning the morality of the Kiev-imposed war in the east. One of them, Ruslan Katsaba, faces life in prison on “treason” charges because he said, “It is impossible in the 21st century to kill people – my compatriots – just because they want to live separately… there are almost no Russian troops in Donbas.”

The Kiev ministry of interior has threatened any protesters with arrest and has denounced them as “brainwashed idiots under the orders of Russia.”

And this is who the Americans want to give more guns, mortars and missiles to? A Nazi-adulating regime that is waging a terror war on its own people with cluster bombs and white phosphorus incendiaries.

Military consultant to the Pentagon and Russia expert Michael Kofman, based at the Kennan Institute in Washington DC, is one of the saner American voices. He has come out against the stampede to arm the Kiev regime. “Ukraine does not need weapons, it needs an army,” said Kofman recently in an interview with Ukrainian media.

“The Ukraine army is unfit for combat… It has many structural problems that weapons will not solve, even if we sent our best tanks and put rockets and grenade launchers on top of them,” adds Kofman.

He also points out how American supplies of weapons to Syria and Iraq have made conflict much worse and have backfired in terms of unleashing uncontrollable chaos and terrorism across the region.

Only brainwashed imbecilic Americans could possibly believe that increasing the flow of weapons to Ukraine will not fuel more violence, bloodshed and death and even spark a wider war with Russia and cause a collapse in the Atlantic alliance between the US and Europe, thus bringing Washington’s hegemony to an end. The war in Ukraine is carried out in order to destroy American by missiles from Russia. America has been robbed in a criminal manner by the Jews, and this fact they want to hide from the world opinion.

Juden terroriste