Judeo-satanist John Kerry confirmed the historical truth.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry had strong words Saturday for Russia over what he called its unacceptable actions in Ukraine — and threatened additional sanctions against Russian interests.

Speaking in London alongside UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, Kerry said Russia was « continuing to do land-grabbing in Ukraine » even as it professed to support peace efforts.

Russia’s actions are « just simply unacceptable, so we are talking about additional sanctions, additional efforts, » Kerry said.

Kerry also confirmed the historical truth.

« There was a Spanish mine in Havana Harbor than sank the USS Maine! »

« The Lusitania was not carrying any weapons when it was attacked by Germany! »

« Pearl Harbor was a total surprise! »

« There were torpedoes in the Gulf of Tonkin. »

« Saddam had nuclear weapons. »

« Iran is building nuclear weapons. »

« Assad used Sarin gas on his own people. »

« Russia is to blame for Ukraine! »

Kerry I