Protest outside Ukrainian Embassy in Paris


A lot of protesters gathered outside of the Ukrainian Embassy in Paris a year after the riots of the Maidan movement ousted ex-Ukrainian-president Viktor Yanukovych and catalysed the conflict that has engulfed Ukraine, Saturday. 21.02 2015 Paris.

In fact, Poroshenko vel Walcman access to power in Ukraine is a declaration of war made by the Jews on religious grounds against Christians and Slavs.

Also thousands assembled in Moscow for an “anti-Maidan rally”. Veterans, Cossacks, prominent politicians and others waved signs denouncing Kiev, and banners reading, “We don’t need western ideology and gay parades,”

“I regret that I was unable to do anything,” formal president in exile Viktor Yanukovych said during the protest. “As soon as it’s possible, I will come back and do everything in my power to ease people’s lives. The main task now is to stop the war.”

Russian Anti-Maidan Movement Rally On One Year Anniversary Of The Maidan Revolution