SHIVA’s TRIDENT Ancient symbol of destruction and disasters

Mission Galactic Freedom

oh grt shiva

The forbidden research for the The God Particle, Shiva & Cern.. The Lord God Shiva represents destruction before renewal. Wake up people!I can Say the West is treading a WRONG PATH leading its own destruction, i say again Lots of Earthquake which are occuring now are due to CERN….

People from the western elites have a habit of Copying things, Occultist Cabals knew if a Powerful symbol used AntiClockwise generates Negativity… Many well know symbols like the one Used by the Nazis ( Swastika)  was from the Hindu domain…meet with the same fate….

I guess we  should file multiple lawsuits  against this Corporate Cabal for using  Power Symbols…. The trishula commonly used as a Hindu-Buddhist religious symbol is wielded by the Hindu God Shiva They are commonly said to represent various trinities—creation, maintenance and destruction, past, present and future, the three guna. The same Symbol has been used as Logo’s…

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