The dress rehearsal of a terrorist attack in Poland,

The dress rehearsal of a terrorist attack in Poland was made today at the funeral of a Jew Władysław Bartoszewski. As we know, many Jews confesses for the needs of the Talmud another religion. In Poland are Catholics, Muslims in Iran to only hold authority,

As we know from past all Air Force Headquarters in Poland were killed in Miroslawiec also as a result of the coup d’etat carried out by judeo-satanists 10 April 2010 the entire opposition was killed along with two Presidents of Poland that one exercising the authority.
Today, May 4, 2015 all the Ambassadors taking part in the funeral Bartoszewski also was put to one bus.
Such behavior is a pure form to exposure Poles potential reprisals from other countries in the event of a terrorist attack and in the context of planned to provoke World War III by judeo – satanists.