New flotilla from Sweden to Israhell.

A new flotilla with humanitarian aid on board is going to help people in Gaza; the mission is beyond political polarization and in full compliance with international law, said Osama Qashoo, member of the first flotilla to Gaza.

Those aboard the flotilla have more integrity and guts then the rest of the so-called world leaders combined. They know the danger they face. The Israelis have proven they are no different than the Somali pirates, only more lethal as the executions of civilians on the Mavi Mamsra proved to the world. How long can the UN accept the murder of civilians with impunity ?

I wish those aboard the flotilla a safe journey. The Palestinians desperately need the aid. Slowly but surely more and more countries are becoming aware of the monster the US created. They cannot continue to hide behind the  » see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil » that has allowed Israel to trample on the Palestinian people. Those aboard the flotilla represent humanity at its best.

A flotilla carrying humanitarian aid has set out from Sweden on its way to Gaza which is under and Israeli maritime blockade. The ships are carrying pro-Palestinian activists aiming to break the blockade. Two other vessels are expected to join them later. The Foreign Ministry of Israel has described it an unnecessary provocation, saying the boats will be denied entry, and if you want to send aid to Gaza – do it via Israel.

Up to 10 people were killed 5 years ago when Israel tried to block the first flotilla bound for Gaza.

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