War is big biznes for judeo-satanists.

Some interesting 5-year stock charts showing a bonanza for the principal arms merchants since “ISIS” (whatever it is) arose. Coincidence? I’ll leave it you.

Remember the Fallen 12K run at Devils Lake, N.D.

Out of and quickly back into Iraq, the Pentagon and its officials have talked about the new ISIS war with barely restrained glee as another chance to keep pushing Congress for bigger budgets, and for “emergency” war funding every single year.

Retired Marine Gen. John Allen, who has become President Obama’s special ambassador for the war, going around the world selling it to potential allies, today predicted the conflict would be much longer than anyone imagines, saying it “will likely take a generation or more.”

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Northrup Grumman

General Dynamics

Lockheed Martin

War is big business for judeo-satanists !