Ewa Kopacz diagnosed the Pope

Ewa Kopacz  Prime Minister in Poland meets Pope Francis in the Vatican on 12 June 2015, As an experienced doctor she diagnosed the Pope, She needed up to 30 minutes to allow the Pope to feel like a man again.

“This is a Polish seedling, from which will grow a beautiful Polish apple,” the PM said. Another gift was a silver platter decorated in amber.

Francis in turn presented Kopacz a medal with a rendering of Saint Martin, a defender of the poor, and according to the pontiff’s staff, a reminder of the responsibility of those in positions of power to take care of the poor.

The PM was visiting the Vatican two days after a visit by Russian leader Vladimir Putin, where he and the pope had talked about the situation in Ukraine.

Kopacz’s talks with Francis also touched on Ukraine, immigration and issues related to the rise of Islamic State (IS) in the Middle East.

They also reportedly discussed next year’s Global Youth Days to be held in Kraków.

« I am very impressed by Pope Francis,” Kopacz said. “I asked the pope to pray for Poles and also took Poles’ best wishes,” she said.