Donald Tusk wants to finish with Vladmir Putin; last witness the murder of two Polish Presidents.

On Wednesday, the EU Committee of Permanent Representatives under the leadership of Donald Tusk at its session in Brussels on June 17 reached an agreement on extending bloc’s economic sanctions against Moscow by six more months.

Envoys from the 28 EU member states reached a « consensus » on the legal text mandating the extension of the sanctions from July up until the end of January next year, European sources said, according to AFP. The document is expected to be submitted for formal approval by EU foreign ministers next Monday.

Russia has been the target of several rounds of sanctions by the US and EU, which accuse Moscow of supporting pro-Russia forces in east Ukraine. Russia has categorically denied the allegation.

The EU ambessadors do not speak for the people of Europe , but for their pay masters on wall street and in the white house! Criminals all of them ; And if there is an other major Europain war than they should be held to account for involving their own countries and their people in it. These idiots are strangling their citizens by taking orders from a bunch of Israel and the US. THESE ARE ALL TRAITORS TO THE EUROPEAN NATIONS.

Donald Tusk wants to necessarily finish with Vladmir Putin; last witness the murder of two Polish Presidents Lech Kaczyński and Ryszard Kaczorowski. Tusk, who is a Jew hates Slavs.

As we all know the United States and its European allies are using Ukraine to isolate Russia in order to establish a so-called one world economic and political system under the leadership of judeo-satanists.

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