Liquidate NATO Before It’s Too Late

With an eye on dramatically revising the timeline of what has actually happened in Eastern Europe in the past few weeks, Pentagon officials are slamming Russia with a series of allegations that Russia is building up in the region as a simple act of aggression.

Why are Europeans so eager to march with open eyes into a new Cold War with Russia ?

The number of government troops deployed in the conflict in eastern Ukraine has reached 60,000 troops, according to President Petro Poroshenko. The statement comes as the total of Ukrainian refugees has exceeded 900,000 people, according to UN.

Why NATO and European Union brings in less than one year into bankruptcy Ukraine ?

This is a contemporary genocide !!!

Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work accused Russia of threatening further nuclear deployments in Eastern Europe as “the ultimate escalation,” and vowed to prepare US responses, while Gen. Philip Breedlove accused Russia of plotting further actions in Eastern Ukraine.

In reality, Russia’s announcements of deployments and potential redeployments in Eastern Europe have been entirely reactionary to NATO announcements in the days prior. The US has announced massive “pre-positioning” of battle tanks and artillery along the Russian border, and is pushing a NATO force of 40,000 troops to be set up right on the Russian frontier.

A short memo to the White House, Pentagon, Congress, and the state department: were I you, I would be very, very careful about the accusations you’re hurling against Russia.

Because, you see, the US government, at this moment in its history, has zero credibility with the American people, who are war weary, war skeptical, and many of whom are financially hurting beyond belief because of the consistent offshoring/outsourcing of jobs which used to be the underpinning of what was the American Middle Class.

Oh, and did I mention a burgeoning anger out there, because of the sense that alleged « representatives » seem to only represent the monied and privileged who pay them handsomely to further their agendas?!?

The economy is on the teetering edge of collapse; people know it; and it may not take that much to push some people over the edge.

How that anger will play out, I do not know; as a Christian pacifist, I will never advocate violence. But I can understand how people can be driven to these kinds of acts.

So instead of crying « wolf » to give people another artificially constructed « bad guy » for Americans to hate (sort of like Emmanuel Goldstein in Orwell’s « 1984 »,)I have a couple of suggestions for you;

1. Fire the Federal Reserve. We all know it is no more « Federal » than is the company Federal Express.

2. Create money (as you are Constitutionally able to do) to be used as a public utility, not as a loan at interest, as are all pieces of US currency in circulation today.
3. Incentivize companies to keep good paying jobs here; reduce the burdens of over-regulation, which many times, in and of itself, forces companies away from the US.
4. Stop squandering money on wars of aggression.
5. Fix America’s crumbling infrastructure.

Yes, I know, all these would be….logical.

But perhaps a little logic right now would be infinitely preferable to a war against an adversary you have yourself created, through the US and IMF engineering of the putsch in Kiev last year.

Donald Tusk