The European Union and the regime in Poland, their opponents put in psychiatric hospitals.

Kekus Zbigniew

24 August 2015 was released from psychiatric hospital in Krakow; Poland academic lecturer, Doctor of Economics, Mr. Zbigniew Kękuś.
He was treacherously arrested by the police when came forward for questioning in connection with the disclosure regime of Talmudic democracy in Poland and after no audition has been rushed by private car to a psychiatric hospital.

Mr. Zbigniew Kękuś addition to academic lecturers was also the director one of the largest banks in Poland

On his website he published important information for the Poles in the field of economics and law in Poland and European Union, referring to the dangers and hostility for Poland and Polish people from international banking system.
With public supportlot of Poles he was released from the psychiatric hospital without testing, which ordered the Court in Poland.

Put in a psychiatric hospital Poles, educated in Poland and have their opinions this is nothing new since 1939 and this is another disgrace of Talmudic regime in Poland.
The European Union and the regime in Poland are afraid to describe the merits of the dangers not only of membership in the Union but also business of the International Financiers.

The questions is still up to date:

Who here is normal?
Are the Poles opposed the financial support murderers in Ukraine will be exterminated ?