Judeo-satanist Prime Minister in Poland Ewa Kopacz implements the program of war in Poland

Prime Minister in Poland Ewa Kopacz has said that judeo-satanists in authority in Poland will likely take in 10,000-12,000 refugees, in line with EU plans. On the other hand Poles do not want war with them because Poland is already occupied country  by the judeo-satanists. Since 1944, all leaders in Poland were Jews or had Jewish wife.

“We are negotiating, we do not know what numbers will be on the table. And let’s not talk about ‘amounts’, they are living people, let’s talk about the possibly of those whom we would have to – in the context of resettlement and relocation – adopt here in Poland,” the head of judeo-satanists government in Poland said on Saturday.

“We will negotiate until Tuesday, and the decisions will be taken on Tuesday,” PM Kopacz added.

As it is widely known that they are not refugees but an Islamist state warriors.

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