Resignations the Polish high command

A wave of resignation has swept Armed Forces General Command (DGRSZ), which is the Polish military’s key command apparatus. Nearly all of its most important officers have tendered resignations in the last few days. Out of 23 generals assigned to the DGRSZ, five have resigned, including three two-star generals. The list of resignations is not being published. One of the generals who is unofficially mentioned as having resigned is Division General Janusz Bronowicz… This information is all the more concerning since Bronowicz’s resignation was accompanied by the resignations of both of his deputies, Generals Andrzej Andrzej Kuśnierek and Stanisław Olszański. The Naval Inspectorate has also lost its chief. According to unconfirmed reports, Vice-Admiral Marian Ambroziak has decided to hang up his uniform. As if that was not enough, the DGRSZ is also losing its chief of staff. Bartniak and his colleagues did not want to comment on their resignations.

In a few weeks, the first US units will arrive in Poland to take part in the Anakonda 2016 exercise (scheduled for June 7-17). The US decided to send a record number of 10 thousand soldiers to Poland. Addition 3 thousand will be contributed by other NATO countries. These exercises are supposed to serve as a great demonstration of NATO’s unity and power prior to the July NATO summit in Europe.


Rafal Gawronski and Antoni Macierewicz