Project Noah


Schematic for Seed Storage Facility
Editor’s Note: Facilities mentioned below exist worldwide and there is no plan to include you in the project.  Our fearful leaders are planning to live underground and survive the coming global catastrophes, much as the scriptural predictions describe.
Project Camelot: Show #83 Host: Marshall Masters
19 Jan 2008 Part A [0:46:15]; Part B [0:46:04]
Norwegian Politician Discloses Global Network of Deep Underground 2012 Survival Bases — Project Camelot Founders Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy
Deep Underground 2012 Survival Bases On January 5, 2008, Project Camelot first released their ground a breaking 2012 disclosure by a well-placed Norwegian Politician. In it, he describes a massive network of deep underground survival bases.  Because the source is highly reliable, this disclosure report could be the closest thing to a smoking gun we’ve seen in years!  Spanning the world and interlinked by a sophisticated high-speed transit system, these bases are designed to shelter the…

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