United States is preparing an invasion of Poland in 2017.

All wars are started with some kind of lie or deception played on the people by their own rulers. Saddam’s nuclear weapons is a recent example.

Keep this in mind in the coming weeks as the US tries to trick you into sending your kids to invade Syria or anywhere else.

In 2012, the Obama Administration cut a pair of army brigades from Europe, in an effort to save money and to shift forces to other more combat–heavy areas. In early 2017, after Obama leaves office, the brigades will return.

Duda Yankee go home

The Pentagon is now saying they intend to send rotations of armored combat brigades to Eastern Europe, bringing the continued presence of combat forces back to where it was in 2011.

The Europeans cannot be happy about this. The last two World Wars were fought in part on their front lawns, and they cannot be looking forward to a third time.

NATO Supreme Commander Gen. Philip Breedlove touted the deployments, claiming they are a “strong and balanced” response to Russia’s “aggression.” Breedlove is among several NATO officials who have been claiming Russia might invade Eastern Europe, and have been pushing ever-more US troops for the region.

WHAT alleged « Russian aggression »?!?!?

Russia has done nothing to antagonize the West, and this is pure codswallop, fabricated to « groom » the West toward supporting a potential NATO war against Russia, which would be a complete, utter catastrophe for NATO and the West.

And why do I say this?!?

I say this because the US and NATO do not have the weaponry, the troop strength, the money, or the manufacturing to insure a positive outcome to a conventional war against Russia; that’s a fact.