Witold Waszczykowski- jewish foreign minister in Poland

 Interesting to note that the Baltic state were Nazis during the WWII, Czech PM invited Hitler to divide the country (which happened again after the fall of Soviet Union), and in Poland, people with Tusk-like ideology (one of his grandfathera was in Nazi formation, and the other close to Nazis). These kind of nations are extremely pro NATO and anti- Russian as much as Britain. This might not be a coincidence, but it would be a massive one. The jewish foreign minister in Poland Witold Waszczykowski / participant unlawful deliberations of the Knesset in Krakow/ has called on NATO to step up its military build-up in East Europe to counter what he called “existential” threats posed by Russia to the continent.

“The presence of troops from various NATO countries could be a symbol of determination to defend the eastern flank,” said Witold Waszczykowski while addressing the annual Globsec security forum in Slovak capital Bratislava on Friday, Poland’s state news agency PAP reported.

He added that the scale of such deployment could be discussed during the Western military alliance’s July Summit in Warsaw.

The top Polish diplomat further made a comparison between Moscow and the Daesh terror group mainly active in Iraq and Syria, adding: “We have existential threats and non-existential threats. Of course the Russian activity is kind of an existential threat because this activity may destroy countries,” he added.

Waszczykowski rejected terrorism and the refugee influx in Europe as immediate threats to the continent.

The minister further said the deployment of NATO forces in the region should not be considered as a provocation against Moscow, but rather a decisive military measure aimed at deterring potential aggressors.

“Showing weakness,” he said, “is often seen as an incentive for aggression.”


Witold Waszczykowski – jewish foreign minister in Poland; participant unlawful deliberations of the Knesset in Kraków.