The jewish war against Slavs


All those taking part in the celebrations of ending the World War II on either 8 or 9 May need to know, that it was a genocidal war against Slavs.

But let’s take you there step by step.

1 / Hitler was a Jew

2 / Most of the officers in high command of the Third Reich were Jews

3 / In Russia, after the Jewish ritual murder of the Tsar family Jews took over prominent government positions’s_Christian_Martyrs.html

The Central Committee of the revolutionary party, which is of the highest authority, consisted of three Russians, including Lenin ( German communist ) and 9 Jews. The next of the most importance was the Central Committee, the Executive Power of Committee, which counted 42 Jews and 19 Russians, then some Latvians, Georgians and others. The Council of People’s Commissars consisted of 17 Jews and 5 non-Jews. The Moscow Cheka consisted of 23 Jews and 13 Gentiles . The official Bolshevik publications from the 1918-1919 reveal 458 Jews out of a total number of 556 top government officials. In order to deceive the public, the other initially tolerated parties of so-called ‘opposition’ of the ‘socialist’ central committees consisted of 55 Jews and 6 corrupted Gentiles.

It is therefore necessary to state that, in fact, it was a Jewish only regime not Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union Bolshevik regimes that invaded Poland in September 1939, and then allegedly ‘liberated’ her from the occupation by the same ‘circumcised’ kinship.

As most are aware now, the Judeo-Satanists are making false statements that the Second World War allegedly was planned just for the purpose of exterminating all Jews. Nothing could be more erroneous and false for normal Pole, except those not worth mentioning, for the simple reason that the biggest historical lie stuck to them like cow dung to the pasture.

Bojowki zydowskie z Niemiec

Young Jewish Betar members from Germany

& Jewish militias  – Berlin 1936

It should be noted that Poles were murdered by Jews in the Eastern part of Poland occupied by Soviets from the very start of WW2 and in the West part by the Judeic occupiers from Germany.

Evidence? Here they are:

East – Katyn;

The Massacre of Poles at Naboliki

West – Piaśnica

Hitler WAS a Zionist


In the un-returned Polish territories annexed by Soviet Union Jews immediately were granted Soviet citizenship and were given a mission to fulfil: the extermination of Slavs!

In the meantime their circumcised kinship from Germany allowed Jews in the General Government full political freedom. And soon after, already in September 21 the first Judenrat, or Jewish Council of Elders began to form. The order for the formation of Judenrats was issued by RSHA chief, Reinhard Heydrich. In the document he clearly pointed out that these organisations must include influential members of the local Jewish community.

Jewish Policemen Kraków

Jewish Policemen Kraków Poland


The haste in which these Judenrats were formed proved how much the Judeo-Satanists were willingly involved is setting up collaborative authorities for the Jewish community in Poland. Heydrich issued regulations, but the official order came from Governor, General Hans Frank on November 28, 1939.Jewish_Police_Węgrów

The organization of Talmudic democracy looked like this: in communes of over 10 thousand residents there were 24 members in Jewish committee or council, and in smaller communities 12 members were elected. The elected members chose their own chairman and deputy without the intervention from the authorities of occupied Poland.

Jewish Policemen Łódź

Jewish Policemen Łódź Poland 1940

The complete composition of the Jewish Council and administrative actions were reported to the competent municipal district governor, which in this case was Stadthauptmann. Jews had their own police and entirely independent organizational structures.

Kappos checking out another jew

Jewish police in the occupied Poland

ScreenHunter_1689 Apr. 24 10.50


Today’s propaganda of jewish total extermination is a deliberate misinformation and falsification of history in order to gain financially and maintain the Holocaust Industry. It also served as justification for the creation of Israel, in which the nazi authorities took an active part in the period of 1933-1937 assisting 24,000 to migrate to Palestine, with the full support of the German administration. The breakthrough came in early 1938, on February 1, when Hitler consented to the promotion of Jewish emigration to the Middle East.

The fundamental question is: why such rights were not given to Poles on their seized territories?

Interestingly, Poles never had such rights, which unequivocally characterizes the judeo-satanic pact, the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact and then the judeo-satanic invasion of Poland by the German judeo-Nazis and Zionist Jews from Russia, and Jews within Poland, while the very foundations for building the state of Israel, Jews in fact owe to Hitler.


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