Nigel Farage King of Politics


Mr. Knurowski and Polish farmers tread Union flag


The current government in Poland should immediately dismiss Donald Tusk because of the disintegration of the Union, which is personally responsible.

Hopefully, a result of the Brexit will be the breakup of the European Union and NATO – the British have shown that a large country, important numbers can lead. So this should encourage smaller countries, who are being ruthlessly exploited, such as Greece or Poland and Portugal, Italy and Spain to also vote to leave European Union.

Britain’s exit from the European Union (EU) could probably prevent the United States with Israel from launching World War III to establish control over the entire world.

The European Union is a dictatorship; there’s no democracy in it. They have a parliament for show but it has no power. The power is in a non-elected commission that makes the decisions. So the government of the EU is removed from the European people ,and this is beginning to dawn on people. And it’s used by German and Dutch banks to loot the poor countries like Greece.

Also, if the EU breaks up, then mostly likely the NATO and NATO is the cover mechanism for Washington’s aggression. The only reason Washington has been able to destroy Libya and Iraq and Afghanistan and tried to destroy Syria and to attack Iran with sanctions, the only reasons Washington could do that is because of NATO; so if NATO were to break up, Washington’s cover for its aggression would be gone, and Washington could no longer use NATO to drive Europeans into conflict with Russia via Poland.

So this exit from the EU on the part of the British has the promise of saving humanity from World War III, because Washington with Tel Aviv is determined to have World War III in order that it can establish control over the entire world, which means Russia and China.

Polish People thanked Nigel Farage for showing the way to the dignity and freedom.

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