Bóg Bóg

Rod is a creator. Actually, he is everything that exists. He was self-born. In the beginning, there was only darkness, and Rod was, like a bud, trapped in an egg. When he gave life to the love goddess, Lada, the shell cracked and love went out through the openings (this manner of creation of the Universe reminds us of the Big Bang). Having cut his own yolk stalk, Rod separated celestial waters from the waters of the ocean by placing the Earth between them. When he released himself from the egg, he continued creating. He separated the truth from a lie, light from darkness, Nav from Jav, good from evil. After that, he created Mother Earth who entered the ocean. Rod is the creator of all gods. At the end of the creation, Rod made celestial bodies, nature, and natural phenomena from himself. He made the Sun from his face, the Moon from his chest, stars from his eyes, sunrise and sunset from his forehead, dark nights from his thoughts, winds from his breath, rain, snow, and hale from his tears, and thunders and lightning’s from his voice.

By doing this, Rod became the principle of the universe. He created a cow Zemun and a goat Sedunia. Their milk was spilt and it created the Milky Way.

rod I