World Youth Day 2016 Poland



World Youth Day Poland 2016

The majority of participants are already in Poland. World Youth Day is an event for young people organized every three or sometimes, two years by the Catholic Church. World Youth Day is commonly celebrated in a way similar to many events. The most emphasized and well known traditional theme is the unity and presence of numerous different cultures. But this is the first time that when the concerts will take place in cemeteries while churches have been turned into games rooms and artists’ performances.
Holocaustum the PolesThis is the result of paying tribute to the children of satan by Pope Francis./St. John 8:44/

Many young people do not even realize that the concert tomorrow at pl. Pilsudski in Warsaw will be held at the cemetery.

It’s sad and tragic when they find out that they had entertained in the cemetery. Reverse symbolism is a special sign and method of operation for judeo-satanists. 

Despite these humiliations Poles wish all the participants from all over the world a pleasant stay in Poland. We hope that your path of life you’ll meet of the one true the God Rod and not the jewish jahwe

Rafał Gawroński

President of the Association of Landowners in Poland