CIA raised Milosević, and then destroyed him


US intelligence forged their own reports about the former President of the FRY, which they at first was « polite and charming, » and then enemy number 1. CIA censored all the documents on Milosevic from the moment he took the helm of the Belgrade Communist 1986 until the bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999 . the « Weekly » in the new issue published an exclusive report on the CIA Slobodan Milosevic, who follow his political activity during the nineties.

Documents show that the most powerful intelligence agency in the world changed and censored their own reports on the president of Serbia and Yugoslavia during the nineties, hiding repression against the Serbs in Kosovo and creating the greatest enemy of the former American « friendly and charming » politicians.

In one document, according to the « Weekly », there is the following sentence:

ОБЈАВЉЕНА ТАЈНА ДОКУМЕНТА: ЦИА уздигла Милошевића, а онда га уништила!