Poland militarily occupied country; once again.


Two hundred and fifty American soldiers landed in the south-western Polish city of Wrocław on Saturday.

This is the first soldiers who have a goal to prepare the next extermination of Poles, Slavs. As we know, the Jewish World War II killed not enough Slavs because they stand in the way of the New World Order or if you prefer talmudic democracy with the capital in Jerusalem.

Judeo-satanists troops but will be deployed mainly in western Poland, but will conduct exercises across the country.

Defence Minister in Poland Antoni Macierewicz has said that a US armoured brigade numbering around 4,500 soldiers will arrive in Poland on 12 January. Why Poles are not armed for war with Russia?
The answer is relatively simple. For whom the Poles have to die in the fratricidal war? and Judeo-Satanists know this and therefore does not armed Poles to not stood in defense of the Slavs.

Poland should receive financial assistance from the US for armaments much more than Israel. Thus, Poland is not taking part in the aggression against Russia as a state. However, they are of Polish mercenaries paid by the judeo-satanists.