Poland occupied country

After the joint invasion of Poland by jews from Germany called Nazi and jews from Russia called Soviet Union in 1939 the occupants created the General Government.


The newly occupied Second Polish Republic was split into three zones: the General Government in its centre, Polish areas annexed by jews from Germany in the west and Polish areas annexed by the jews from Russia in the east. The territory was expanded in 1941 to include the District of Galicja.

The Jews who were gathered in ghettos had no restrictions on travel. Most of them went to the refugee camps in Russia.


Jews from Russia after the war they moved over a million Jews to Poland. They were individuals allegedly gassed in concentration camps only with brand new identity documents.


All Jews from the General Government immediately got the citizenship of the Soviet Union. In concentration camps were murdered only those jews with their whole families who passed on Christianity.

Poland is still a country occupied by the Jews with the secret doctrine of racist. Jews drafted the Constitution and Act of lower rank most of which are inconsistent with the Constitution adopted. Even the currency in Poland is indexed 1 : 1 against the currency of Israel.


Therefore, please do not be surprised that in Poland Usurpers are exercising authority.