St. Petersburg terror is part of Western plan to remove Putin.

ISIS, the main Islamist organization on the planet, has not claimed responsibility for this terrorist attack. Perhaps something will change and we still have yet to hear of an Islamist trace. Nevertheless, we regard the terrorist attack of April 3rd to be preparation for disrupting the presidential elections scheduled for March 18, 2018. This conclusion is based on the many oddities of this terrorist act. Perhaps it really was carried out by a Kyrgyzstan native, but is an Islamist internationale the one that ordered this crime? The history of international terrorism is full of examples where fanatical killers or suicide-bombers were “shadily” used by governments’ intelligence services or, on the contrary, those ordering terrorist acts were covered under the veil of Islamic terrorism (recall September 11th, 2001). But the most important point allowing the version of an Islamist terrorist attack to be regarded skeptically is something else

On 29 April, Russia is set to witness another wave of unsanctioned protests « against corruption » and the current government as a whole. In the week of March 26th, Western media-darling Mr. Navalny held a series of opposition protests, largely aimed at tearing down Dmitry Medvedev, Russia’s Prime Minister. In the upcoming series, the campaign targets the country’s President, Vladmir Putin. It is being organised by « Open Russia » NGO, which is headed by none other than Mikhail Khodorkovsky – an jewish oligarch who in the 1990s robbed the Russian people via ‘venture capitalist’ loopholes, served time for his crimes, and run away to the West to complain about it..
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