Israeli coup d’état in Saudi Arabia

While according to the official narrative, the Saudi power transition on Wednesday, when King Salman bin Abdulaziz announced his decision to replace Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz with his own son, Mohammed bin Salman, went smooth and by the numbers, what took place behind the scenes is more interesting.

Here, events were decidedly more interesting, because as Fars News reports , after the decision was announced, the Israeli air force sent 18 of its fighter jets, including F16-I, F15-CD and F16-CD, along with two Gulfstream aircraft, two tanker airplanes and two C130 planes, special for electronic warfare, to Saudi Arabia at the demand of the new crown prince bin Salman to block his cousin (bin Nayef)’s possible measures.

zio-saudiOn the surface, such close ties between the existing Saudi regime and Israel would appear a stretch, although it is far more plausible after this week’s WSJ report that when it comes to the Saudi proxy war, Israel and Saudi Arabia had been alligned from the onset of the Syrian conflict, with Israel secretly supplying Syrian rebels near its border with cash as well as food, fuel and medical supplies for years, « a secret engagement in the enemy country’s civil war aimed at carving out a buffer zone populated by friendly forces. »

If true, the Fars report would be rather striking because, in addition to other geopolitical implications, Israel and Saudi Arabia do not have formal diplomatic relations.

According to the Times of Israel, « a spokesperson for the IDF said the army does not comment on foreign media reports. An Israeli military insider ridiculed the report as absurd. »

President Donald Trump congratulated Saudi Arabia’s new crown prince on Wednesday on his elevation to the position of king-in-waiting just hours after his father, King Salman, made the announcement.

According to a White House readout of a call between Trump and Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman, the two men “committed to close cooperation” between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia “to advance our shared goals of security, stability, and prosperity across the Middle East and beyond.”

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Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud was born on 31 August 1985 in Jeddah. He is the son of King Salman from his third spouse, Fahda bint Falah bin Sultan. She is the granddaughter of Rakan bin Hithalayn, who was the head of the Al Ajman tribe. Nearly all the Ajman have abandoned nomadic life and have settled in the Persian Gulf states, particularly the eponymous Emirate of Ajmana member in the United Arab Emirates. There are also many in Saudi Arabia. Their main tribal territory is Judah. The person given birth by the Jewess is a Jew and what’s more irrespective of the religion.