Native American women and girls — no one knows exactly how many — go missing and are never found, or are found dead. One U.S. senator calls this a decades-old epidemic, linked to inadequate resources, outright indifference and a confusing jurisdictional maze.

The US-led coalition forces stationed in Syria’s al-Tanf region are preventing the refugees at al-Rukban camp from returning to the army-held areas, dissident-affiliated news websites said Wednesday.

The Arabic-language Smart News website affiliated to the militants quoted Spokesman of Ahmad al-Abdou terrorist group Saeed Saif as saying on Wednesday that the US forces detained a delegation of al-Rukban elderly people who wanted to negotiate with the Syrian army, near the al-Tanf military base at the Syria-Jordan borders.

He added that the delegation planned to hold talks with Damascus officials to pave the ground for the return of al-Rukban settlers to the army-liberated regions, warning that the conditions of the refugees at the camp are critical.

Saif underlined that the refugees testify that they have never seen any serious move against the terrorists by the US troops in al-Tanf region in the past 3 years.

Speaking on Thursday during a visit to the border with Lebanon, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman declared that Israel will not be bound by any international deals reached on post-war Syria, and will not honor any such agreements.


Over the past few months NATO member states have sharply increased their pressure on Russia. The Euro-Atlantic establishment is strengthening the image of Russia as a fierce enemy. It is very useful to have such a foe to justify your own reckless foreign and domestic policy.

The situation has already led to a recognizable deterioration of the relations between the two sides undermining problem-solving mechanisms, like the UN Security Council or the OPCW.

The most alarming result of these actions is a growing military escalation between NATO and Russia in the Black Sea region and in Eastern Europe overall. NATO member states have increased their airspace activity and the number of ground military exercises near Russia’s border.


NIGEL Farage has condemned the EU’s continuous attempts to create a European [army] as British soldiers arrived in Bosnia on Tuesday wearing EU flags on their sleeves for European training exercise.

Labour Party Votes To Adopt Full International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) Definition Of Anti-Semitism


Russia takes this US threat seriously (it has deployed 20 naval vessels into the E. Mediterranean, off Syria). And Iran evidently takes the threat seriously, too. The Iranian Defence Minister on Sunday made a rapid unscheduled visit to Damascus in order to agree a tri-partite (Russia, Syria Iran) response to any US attack on.

The United States is manipulating its currency, the dollar, and uses it as a tool to exert pressure when it wants to punish someone, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

In an interview with Russian Channel One, he said that “Washington immediately stops servicing any banking operations in dollars in relation to both the country that they want to punish and any countries that continue relations with it.”

He added that “for decades, everyone hoped that the United States would scrupulously fulfill its duties as the issuer of the world’s main reserve currency.”

The Center for Citizens Initiatives, a civic organization aimed at reducing tensions between nuclear superpowers, had previously sent a delegation to the Russian region in 2016.

Valentin Kozubsky, one of the event’s organizers, confirmed Wednesday that members of the US citizen diplomacy organization had arrived in Crimea.

« A delegation of four from the United States arrived in Crimea. The official component of their visit will start September 6. They’ve come here out of a desire to see the real situation on the peninsula, and to bring the truth about the lives of Crimeans back to their home country, » Kozubsky told Sputnik.


The Syrian army has sent its intelligence forces to the depth of key regions in Idlib which are under occupation by the terrorist groups, days before it starts its long-awaited military operation to capture the last major territory held by militants.

The Arabic-language al-Moraseloun news website reported on Wednesday that a large number of Syrian intelligence forces have been stationed in several cities and towns held by Tahrir al-Sham Hay’at (the Levant Liberation Board or the Al-Nusra Front) and other terrorist groups in Idlib and other occupied areas in Aleppo.

It added that several images and footages have been released by these forces which show the terrorists’ strongholds, checkpoints and security zones near Idlib, noting that the intel wired to the Damascus army by these operatives could deal a heavy blow to the terrorist front in the upcoming military operations in the province.

The Syrian army discovered a large number of weapons and ammunition, including US-made missiles and Israeli weapons in one of the terrorists’ strongholds in Quneitra which was retaken recently.

The army troops found an arms and ammunition cache of the terrorists during the purging operations in the two towns of al-Rafid and al-Bariqah in Quneitra province on Wednesday.

The large amount of weapons included different types of missiles like the US-made TOW missiles and Israeli-made grenades.

In a relevant development late August, the Syrian army discovered a depot of arms and ammunition that contained American missiles during a clean-up operation in a region in Northwestern Hama once under terrorists’ occupation.

The army’s engineering units found a depot of arms and ammunition in terrorists’ positions in Toloul al-Hamr in Northwestern Hama.



Something is brewing after a relatively quiet period. According to a Kiev military source named Karapinka on Ukrainian television last month, the country’s forces are planning to attack Donbass at an unspecified time ahead, saying:

“I think that in the near future there will be an assault. Because the army is rebuilding. It is being reformed. The tactics and strategy of fighting are changing. In the near future, the assault is more than likely,” adding:

“But this will not be so simple. Everyone must understand that this is not an easy thing. It is not at all easy to take fortifications, which for four years only strengthened.”

“Without a confident military and good operation and…a tactical operation, it is very difficult.”

Was assassinating Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) President Aleksandr Zakharchenko in late August prelude for what may be coming?


Many people on Guam, and in other US territories, say they are treated as second-class citizens.

They can’t vote for the president and the one representative each territory is given in Congress also has no voting power, even though most people living in the territories are US citizens.

« Most members of Congress, they couldn’t find Guam on a map and they don’t want to because it’s completely off their radar, » Anne Perez Hattori, a Chamorro History professor at the University of Guam, tells AJ+.

The indigenous Chamorro people in Guam have had their traditional practices stripped away from them over the hundreds of years that they’ve been colonised by the Spanish, occupied by the Japanese and militarised by the Americans


The significance of United States cancelling $300m in security assistance to Pakistan has been downplayed by the country’s foreign minister who said the amount was a reimbursement and not assistance.

Relations between the US and Pakistan have been increasingly frayed since January, when US President Donald Trump suspended more than $1.1bn in security assistance to the country over allegations that it was not acting against armed groups such as the Afghan Taliban.

Pakistan denies the charge, saying it has conducted indiscriminate military operations against all armed groups operating on its soil.