God Rod

Rod represented a monotheistic side of the Slavic religion.

This is our prayer to God Rod.

Our Father, who art on heaven

Rod hallowed be thy name

Your Kingdom Come

Thy will be done

as it is on heaven and on earth.

All peoples know very first God – it is a living, creative thinking, infinite in time and space of the universe. One space, and, simultaneously, its infinite. In the « Book of Veles » is written: « God – one, and plural. And let no one shares of the set does not say that we have many gods.  » Everything that exists – only a small part. And He has a great variety of names. All Slavs knew him as God, sometimes shortening the name to the Most High, or even easier – to the heights. Another Aryan people, Indians, called God – Vishnu. That God created his thought golden egg, from which came his son – God Rod. Rod God began to create the visible world. All born Rod, still bears his name, nature, home, parents, relatives.

Rod represented God we know him today in monotheistic religions. When he finished his goal, he disappeared. Rod became a principle and stopped to appear as a God, stopped interfering with the lives of mortals and gods directly, but he was still present in the universe and he affected all. He was in everything, in fact, he was the foundation of everything. All visible and invisible represented Rod. Rod was worshiped in another way too, however, and that also had to do with the existence. Rod was the patron of crops, birth, family. All of these nouns in all Slavic languages have the root of the word ROD. Relative, family, birth, nature, people, and these are all words contain ROD in their root. It shows how Rod was respected among the Slavs and how they saw the basis of everything in him.

Nature was in Rod. The people were Rod, and Rod was basically the protector of the nation. He was a protector of blood ties and relations between the clans. Rod was in everything, some kind of foundation. This god was all around us, as he was presented later in Jewish, Christianity and Muslims.

bóg rod i